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Haughton Web and You!

Where we have been...

Micro, small and medium enterprises have always contributed tremendously to the economy and the overall society and therefore should be capitalizing on the opportunities for growth provided by the internet and the globalized marketplace, but as a result of the lack of knowledge and belief in their abilities continue to miss out on opportunities to reap the real rewards of their labour.

Where we are now...

In the present day, many devices and household appliances are now browsing the internet. The entire world is online and internet penetration in Jamaica is more than 70% of the island and ever increasing. The smartphone industry has expanded to new heights of entertainment and productivity.

Even so, some still believe size matters on the internet and therefore only the larger more established businesses can thrive... couldn't be further from the truth!

Where we are going...

Haughton Web will ensure individuals, micro, small and medium enterprises are provided with the necessary resources to reap the rewards presented by the internet with their very own personalized websites, not to be left behind feeling they are too small to compete in a globalized economy.

Why Haughton Web?

There is no need to re-invent the wheel but there is a need to fix what is broken and improve what is working!

You will not get a standard website because no two businesses are alike. You get a personalized blend of web design, marketing and industry research to ensure your website improves your business. Haughton Web is not just about building websites and web systems, you get a tool/instrument of value and relevance to your business.